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Our Financial Status: Hannah Joy Publishing.com is not a charity. That means we use all our profits for whatever we want according to how Yahveh (God) wants us to live. We are not a church or a ministry, but rather are using the freedom of speech and press to get our message across while we still have the right to do so.

More About Hannah Joy Publishing.com

The Hannah Joy Publishing Network creates personal, spiritual, political and inspirational content that represents a variety of styles and voices. On my blogs, you’ll find examples of poetry, essays, editorials and educational content. It’s all written in a common tone that everyone can understand, yet it has a professional appeal when necessary.

Hannah Joy Publishing.com Objectives

I appeal to the emotions of my target audiences who struggle with personal, spiritual, political and relationship issues. However, I’m moving toward making sure my content on my blogs glorifies Yahveh (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s God who is also my God). At the same time, my objective is to speak the truth in love — sometimes tough love but love nonetheless.

Please view my to get a taste of my creative writing styles. In the future, I plan to allow other people to submit guest posts to each one for payment on a donation basis. I will ask people to post as an individual author versus as a ministry or church.


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